Iran world’s second producer of strategic nuclear material

Iran world's second producer of strategic nuclear material

In the world, heavy water ranks second only to uranium in terms of strategic nuclear material. Iran is one of the five countries that are manufacturing this substance, and in spite of sanctions, many other countries are interested in purchasing it due to its excellent efficiency in production and purity.

Iran (IMNA) – Iran is permitted to utilize heavy water in its upgraded Arak nuclear reactor under the terms of the 2015 nuclear agreement, but it is required to sell any extra heavy water and enriched uranium on the world market.

Since the US withdrew from the agreement in 2018, Iran has been able to increase production, and its supplies have been bought up on the market, despite the accord's requirement that the heavy water inventory not exceed 130 tonnes.

He claimed that the excellent quality and purity of Iran's heavy water had been noted by those who purchased it. We have finished investing in this high-add value chain since heavy water derivatives are exceedingly costly.

After former President Donald Trump unilaterally brokered a deal to acquire 32 tons of Iranian heavy water for its nuclear reactors, the US ceased its purchase.

Iran's nuclear sector is advancing after years of fits and starts, having endured the most invasive foreign inspections ever, which slowed it down but never stopped it from moving forward.

The nuclear economy is starting to develop right now.

"We had ignored this critical issue, but now we want to pay special attention to the nuclear economy," he stated.

In June, the founder of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, called on authorities to take the necessary steps for marketing nuclear goods and services.

"Iran's nuclear goods and services must be made available for purchase. Our achievements are in high demand on the global markets, which is excellent news for our economy and revenue. Coordination with allies should take place, he added.

In the fields of nuclear fuel, energy, laser, plasma, radiation, the environment, as well as water and soil, Iran has made 159 scientific advancements since 2021 and is still going.

Source: Imna