World powers trying to buy arms from Iran: military chief

TEHRAN – A top Iranian military commander has said that certain major world military powers want access to Iran’s cutting-edge defensive weapons.

Major General Mohammad Bagheri, the chief of staff of the Armed Forces, said Iran’s military industry has achieved significant strides in a number of areas, including missiles, drones, cyberwar, artificial intelligence, and ground, naval, and aerial combat.

The world recognizes that Iran’s significant military potential in several fields is derived from indigenously generated expertise rather than reverse engineering and replicating foreign products, the Armed Forces chief said in a message to Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani on National Defense Industry Day.

The commander emphasized the necessity of increasing the country’s military force and expanding the capabilities to produce systems, equipment, and advanced deterrent items.

Additionally, he said that the great Islamic Republic is attempting to conquer the pinnacles of advancement in accordance with world technical breakthroughs.

Bagheri continued by saying that despite all the adversaries’ constraints, sanctions, and acts of sabotage, the Iranian Armed Forces have managed to develop sophisticated technology and systems.

He also reassured the Iranians that despite media and psychological campaigns by the Zionists and the vile hegemonic system, the country’s Armed Forces will continue to advance and guard defense accomplishments.

The general also issued a warning that any act of violence will be met with a swift response from the Armed Forces, adding that such a response would cause the aggressors to regret their action.

Recent innovations by Iranian engineers and military professionals in the production of a wide spectrum of domestically produced equipment have made the armed forces self-sufficient.

Iran’s military might, particularly its missile capability, which is only intended for defense, will be strengthened without hesitation, according to officials. They have emphasized repeatedly that the country’s military might will never be negotiable.

On Saturday, General Bagheri said that China is seeking to boost its military with the aim of confronting the United States, stressing that Russia and China are standing up to the West.

Underlining that the arrogant powers seek to maintain a unipolar world order, Bagheri said, “American power is declining. Today, Russia is standing against the expansionism of the North Atlantic Treaty, and China is also seeking to strengthen its military power to confront the United States.”

He added, “All this shows the decline of American power. Also, international unions such as the Shanghai [Cooperation Organization] and BRICS have shown their power in the world.”

Source: Tehran Times