Iranian President Highlights Mutual Cooperation with Algeria to Benefit Muslim World

Iranian President Highlights Mutual Cooperation with Algeria to Benefit Muslim World

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi conveyed the Islamic Republic’s eagerness to enhance bilateral ties with Algeria, emphasizing the potential benefits for both nations and the wider Muslim world through mutual cooperation.

Raisi made this remark during a meeting with Algerian People’s National Assembly’s Speaker Ibrahim Boughali in Tehran on Tuesday. He hailed Boughali’s visit as a significant milestone in bolstering the relationship between Tehran and Algiers.

In furtherance, Raisi highlighted the significance of activating the joint Iran-Algeria economic commission and crafting a roadmap for their relations. He underscored the pivotal role this would play in expediting and streamlining interactions across various domains.

Raisi underscored Iran’s status as a technologically advanced nation, remarking on its ability to transform sanctions and pressures into opportunities for progress. He expressed Iran’s readiness to share its experiences and achievements with Algeria.

Furthermore, Raisi expressed gratitude towards Algeria for its unwavering support for Islamic interests and its efforts to unveil the policies of the Israeli regime.

Raisi emphasized that Iran and Algeria, united by their shared perspectives on regional and international issues, possess the potential for productive cooperation. He noted that domination-seeking powers, led by the United States and Israel, are opposed to the expansion of relations between independent nations.

Boughali, in response, characterized Iran as a central and influential power with a rich history and culture. He believed that a stronger Iran would bolster the Islamic Ummah.

Boughali expressed contentment with the rising trajectory of diplomatic ties between the two nations, citing Algiers’ interest in expanding economic relations, given the existing favorable political connections and resources.

Boughali also stressed the need for greater unity among Islamic countries, particularly in the face of attacks on Islamic sanctities and escalated Israeli oppression against the Palestinian people.

Additionally, Boughali extended sympathy to the Iranian government and people in light of the recent terrorist attack on the Shah-e Cheragh shrine in Shiraz.

These developments occurred a day after Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian affirmed Iran’s determination to enhance bilateral cooperation with Algeria, with a particular focus on economic, trade, and tourism sectors.

Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf announced that he and Boughali, in his capacity as the president of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States (PUIC), had reached an agreement to convene a virtual meeting among parliamentary leaders. The aim of this meeting would be to denounce the desecration of Islamic sanctities, including the burning of the Quran in Western countries, and to formulate an appropriate response to this issue.

Source: Tasnim News