Long way to Tel Aviv-Riyadh peace: White House

Long way to Tel Aviv-Riyadh peace: White House

TEHRAN, Aug. 23 (MNA) – White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that "there are still ways to travel" to get a mega-deal with Riyadh that could include a normalization agreement between Saudi Arabia and the Israeli regime.

Sullivan's comments appeared to be an attempt to try to lower expectations after a flurry of press reports suggested an agreement could be close.

US officials have previously told Axios that the administration wants to try to complete its diplomatic push with Saudi Arabia before the presidential election campaign consumes President Biden's agenda.

Sullivan, who has traveled to Saudi Arabia several times over the last six months, told reporters on Tuesday that he doesn't want to discuss the issue in detail but stressed that the Biden administration is discussing the issue with both Saudi Arabia and the Israeli regime.

"For now, it is done in diplomatic channels…and there are still ways to travel…these are highly technical issues," he said, adding that there was no imminent announcement on a deal expected.

Sullivan stressed that the Biden administration plans to ask the International Atomic Energy Agency for its opinion on a possible civilian nuclear program in Saudi Arabia that includes uranium enrichment.

Peace between the Zionist regime and Saudi Arabia would be a big deal, Sullivan also asserted, claiming that a normalization agreement would be in the interest of the US because it allegedly would create a more stable Middle East in which US allies and partners could work together.

Sullivan's claims come as the countries of the region have repeatedly stressed that regional security should be maintained by its countries and without foreign interventions.


Source: Mehr News