“Smart Kid” mobile game to be unveiled during animation screening

Tehran-The mobile game “Smart Kid, Little Warrior” based on the characters of the Iranian animated feature film “Smart Kid” will be unveiled concurrent with the public screening of the animation across the country next month.

The game has been designed and produced by Anu Game Studio for children over seven years old, Mehr reported on Tuesday.

It is an action game in the endless runner genre, designed for the Android operating system in the first phase.

Endless runner or infinite runner is a subgenre of platform games in which the player character runs for an infinite amount of time while avoiding obstacles. The player's objective is to reach a high score by surviving for as long as possible.

It is currently ready for release in Iran, and an English version of the game is also being prepared to be published internationally.

The animation “Smart Kid”, directed by Behnoud Nekouiee, Mohammad Javad Jannati and Hadi Mohammadian, had its national premier at the 41st Fajr Film Festival in Tehran in February, where it won the Best Animation award.

It is a joint product of Honar Pooya Group and the Center for Intellectual Development of Children and Adolescent. Nearly 250 Iranian artists have been involved in the production of the animation.

“Smart Kid” tells the story of Mohsen, a little boy who loves superheroes in movies. He always tries to help anybody he comes across. Once he encounters an expired Iranian species and he decides to help the animal to get back to his homeland. However, a trip to the heart of the jungle, fighting the hunters and facing expired creature is the start of a complicated adventure for Mohsen.

Established in 2008, Anu Game Company has been involved in the production and publishing of computer and mobile games, the production of animated films and series, as well as organizing specialized workshops for video games in Iran.

Honar Pooya Group has already produced two animated feature films namely “Princess of Rome” (2015) and “the Elephant King” (2017), both being widely popular Iranian animations.

The Center for the Intellectual Development of Child and Adolescent is an Iranian institution with a wide range of cultural and artistic activities in the field of mental and cultural development for children and young adults.

Founded in 1965, it still operates as an important public institution to this day; continuing with its program in the fields of publishing, animation and film.


Source: Tehran Times