Iran’s President to Hold Talks with BRICS Leaders in South Africa

Iran’s President to Hold Talks with BRICS Leaders in South Africa

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi left for South Africa Wednesday night to attend a summit of the BRICS countries and hold bilateral talks with the group’s leaders.

Speaking to reporters before leaving Tehran for South Africa’s Johannesburg, Raisi said Tehran seeks to promote cooperation with the member states of the BRICS group of emerging economies.

“In its foreign policy, the Islamic Republic of Iran has put (the promotion of) relations with all independent countries in the world on its agenda,” he said.

“BRICS has managed to bring together independent countries with the common goal of (bolstering) economic cooperation and countering unilateralism,” he added, emphasizing that he would shed light on Iran’s positions in this regard.

The Iranian president noted that he plans to hold mutual meetings with the BRICS leaders and the authorities participating in the summit with the purpose of expanding Tehran’s ties with other countries.

Raisi said that such meetings would facilitate the exchange of capacities among the BRICS members and expressed hope that his visit would pave the way for the realization of Iran’s policies.

As a group of countries, BRICS has the capacity to be further expanded, he stated, Press TV reported.

The group consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. These countries collectively represent around 40% of the global population and a quarter of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Iran is among dozens of countries that seek membership in BRICS and has submitted a formal application to join the body.

Russia and China have welcomed Iran’s application and the group’s expansion to include international powerhouses.

Meanwhile, South Africa’s foreign minister said on Wednesday that leaders of the BRICS bloc have agreed on mechanisms for considering new members, giving dozens of interested nations a path into the organization.

“We have agreed on the matter of expansion,” Naledi Pandor said, following a meeting of BRICS leaders at the grouping’s 15th summit in Johannesburg.

“We have a document that we’ve adopted which sets out guidelines and principles, processes for considering countries that wish to become members of BRICS…That’s very positive,” she added.

Despite differing economic and political priorities among its current members, as well as rivalry between China and India, there appears to be a general agreement among the five states that expansion of the group should be considered.

In addition to expansion, BRICS members are contemplating a broader economic policy shift away from US dollar-based trade within the bloc.

Source: Tasnim News