Raisi: BRICS brings together independent nations opposed to unilateralism

Raisi: BRICS brings together independent nations opposed to unilateralism

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi has said that BRICS is a new emerging power in the world that has managed to bring together independent countries which pursue the joint purpose of economic cooperation and confronting unilateralism.

Raisi has also said that Iran wants to enhance cooperation with BRICS which is made up of Russia, China, India, South Africa and Brazil.

He made those remarks in the capital Tehran on Wednesday night local time before departing for South Africa where he is due to attend the BRICS Plus summit in the city of Johannesburg.

The Iranian president said that he will take part in the summit — which will bring together leaders from 70 countries — to speak about the stances of the Islamic Republic.

In addition, Raisi noted, he will hold bilateral meetings with the officials in attendance in Johannesburg, saying that the meetings are aimed at boosting ties between Iran and the participating countries.

Iran is among more than 40 countries which have already expressed their interest to join BRICS.

Heads of states of the group have expressed support for new members to join their bloc. Earlier on Wednesday, they agreed mechanisms for considering new members as they held the 15th annual summit in Johannesburg.

BRICS leaders also called for the use of local currencies to facilitate trade, arguing that the existing financial payment systems are used for political purposes.

Source: KhabarOnline