All Religions Emphasize Haya and Hijab

According to rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website):One of the challenges the West is facing today is the identity crisis in society. In recent years, the identity crisis has turned into a challenge for all of the countries in the West and as long as it exists, human society’s problems cannot be resolved and human civilization cannot be achieved.

Human though in societies create lifestyle and it is this lifestyle that creates civilization. That is why Islam, with its various angles of rational and human thinking, includes a civilization-making lifestyle.

Haya and Hijab are not demands from within the religion only but they are global demands and all religions and countries emphasize on this issue and consider the existence of Haya and Hijab as a factor contributing to the reduction of society’s problems.

When people enter the society they should enter it with their humanity not with their gender. Where there is no place for Haya and Hijab, there will be no human growth.

Men and women are the same in being human but also have many differences. Experts have enumerated some 150 behavioral, emotional, and rational differences between men and women.

Young people, therefore, should learn enough about the other side’s human characteristics before getting married.

A society that cannot fulfil the first and most basic human need which is living in a healthy family cannot create civilization.

In today’s world, the rate of divorce has been rising and in some places one in every two marriages ends in divorce.

Divorce results in many negative nervous pressures and causes many harms. With such harms, one cannot reach human civilization.


Source: rahyafteha