The best thing that has happened in our lives is Islam

According to rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website): Isna reports about Anya, a 22-year-old girl from a Belarusian father and mother who came to Minsk, the capital of Belarus, for university studies. After entering the university, she began to research about Islam. Anya says that her parents never bothered her in this way, and after a while, she became acquainted with the Muslim mosque in the capital of Belarus.

Dr. Fethullah Bistoni, translator

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According to Anya, the mosque officials respond openly and generously to the visitors’ questions, and dozens of girls visit the mosque daily to get acquainted with Islam. Anya is not married and has personally chosen to wear the hijab. According to her, wearing the hijab helps with her safety and preserves her feminine dignity. Svetlana is another Belarusian Muslim girl. She believes that the best event in her life is accepting Islam. She is a store manager and has a young child who was born before she converted to Islam. This young girl, who has been a Muslim for over 5 years, says, “Daily, visitors ask me, ‘Is your husband a Muslim? Do you have Muslim roots?’ All the answers to these questions are ‘No.’ They ask, ‘Then why did you become a Muslim?’ The answer to this question is clear; it is my own choice.I believe that if someone truly knows and understands Islam, how beautiful it is, they would never choose any other religion. ” According to this young girl, Islam never diminishes women’s rights but, on the contrary, provides them with security and tranquility in life. Julia is another young Belarusian Muslim girl who has been a Muslim for seven years. After finishing her university studies, she became a psychological counselor, working with both Muslim and non-Muslim clients. She says that embracing Islam is an honor resulting from her own quest to find answers to ambiguous questions about the meaning of life. Before accepting Islam, she was a Catholic Christian, and it became evident to her that only Islam provides answers to her questions. By studying the Quran, she realizes that its text goes beyond what a man alone could write; the Quran is the absolute word of God. Julia believes that embracing Islam is very simple and not complicated at all. To become a Muslim, one must declare and believe that there is no god but “Allah,” and the last prophet of God on earth is Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). After that, paying attention to Islamic ethics and moral principles becomes crucial in life. She believes that “modesty” is a theoretical phenomenon, but “virtue” is an essential virtue for a Muslim woman. Inner beauty, kindness, and respect for others make a woman’s beauty twice as captivating. Currently, Julia is busy studying the Arabic language in a specialized way to better understand the meanings of the Quranic verses and the words of God in the Quran. 🌐 @rahyafte_en Source: rahyafteha