Palestinians conduct new ops. against Zionists in West Bank

Palestinians conduct new ops. against Zionists in West Bank

TEHRAN, Aug. 21 (MNA) – Palestinian sources announced three different operations against the occupying Zionist Israeli regime in the south and the north of the West Bank by local Palestinian resistance groups on Monday.

Shehab news reported the new shooting operation at a bus, that at least 6 Zionist settlers were wounded in Al-Khalil (south of the West Bank). Two of the injured Zionists were reported to have been in critical condition.
The Zionist regime media reported that the operation was carried out by a Palestinian who was riding in a car while passing by the incident site. He quickly moved away from the shooting place in a car after the shooting.

Efforts to revive one of the settlers injured in today's operation continue. Another settler who was in critical condition was transferred to Soroka Hospital, the usurping regime's media added.
Zionist sources announced the death of a Zionist settler in today's shooting operation in Al-Khalil.
Following this shooting operation, Palestinian sources published pictures of the blocking of the entrances to Al-Khalil City.

In another development in the occupied West Bank, the local Palestinian media reported on Monday taht Palestinian youth overturned a military vehicle belonging to the occupiers in the south of the city of Jenin, located in the north of the West Bank.

According to the Arab48 website, the Zionist regime's military vehicle was caught in the intense crossfire from the Palestinian resistance forces near the village of "Jaba" and was overturned.

The "Jaba" battalion affiliated to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad took responsibility for the Jening operation by releasing a statement in which they said the forces of that resistance group overturned the above-mentioned military vehicle on the "Sanur" road in the suburb of Jenin.
In a similar development, the Zionist media also reported the injury of a Zionist soldier in the south of the occupied Golan.
According to the reports a mine exploded on the path of heavy construction machinery that was working near the northern borders of occupied Palestine and the occupied Golan of Syria.

The Zionist Israeli regime army conducted an investigation and search operation after the explosion immediately.

A zionist media claimed that the car driver who was injured had a minor injury and he was sent to the hospital.

In 1967, the Zionist regime occupied the Golan Heights during a six-day war, which has never been recognized by the UN and the countries of the world except the United States. In 2019, former US President Donald Trump recognized the occupation of the Golan.

In 1981, the Zionist Parliament (Knesset) announced the sovereignty of the regime over the Golan Heights; However, in December of the same year, the UN Security Council declared the annexation of the Golan to the Zionist regime invalid based on Resolution 497.


Source: Mehr News