Iran court rules US must pay $330m in damages over coup plot

Iran court rules US must pay $330m in damages over coup plot

TEHRAN, Aug. 26 (MNA) – An Iranian court has ruled that the United States must pay $330 million in damages to the families of the martyrs of the abortive Nojeh coup d’etat in Iran.

The verdict was issued following complaints filed by the survivors and victims of the Nojeh Coup in July 2022 against the US government and seven other defendants.

The criminal proceedings culminated in a ruling that convicted the United States of “planning and executing” the failed coup.

Mizan news agency, affiliated with the Iranian Judiciary, said that after hearing the arguments of the survivors of the US plot and their lawyer, the court ruled that the US government must pay $30 million for the “material and moral” damage it caused the plaintiffs and $300 in “punitive damages.”

“Therefore, the US government has to pay a total of $330 million in financial fines and compensation to the families of the martyrs of the Nojeh coup,” the verdict concluded.

The Nojeh coup plot was a plan to overthrow the newly established Islamic Republic of Iran and its Revolution Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini after the collapse of the US-backed Pahlavi regime.

The plan involved the Iranian Army’s officers and servicemen from the infantry, air force and intelligence service, and was largely halted by the arrest of hundreds of officers on 9–10 July 1980 at Nojeh Air Base, near the western city of Hamedan.

Back in 2017, the Islamic Revolution’s Documents Center revealed that the US had played a main role in designing and implementing the Nojeh coup plot in Iran in 1980.

The revelation came after the confessions made by Nasser Rokni, a pilot, who had collaborated with the coup plotters. Rokni admitted in his confessions to the US role in the coup and its “financial assistance” to the coup plotters in Iran.


Source: Mehr News