Strategic Part Used in Steel Industry Produced in Iran

TEHRAN (ANA)- Copper molds are among the strategic products used in Iran’s steel industry which has thus far been imported to Iran, and now an Iranian knowledge-based company has managed to manufacture it at a competitive price and high quality.

“Our company’s research activities are focused on casting and manufacturing copper parts that are used in electric arc furnaces,” Majid Rahimi, the managing director of a knowledge-based company, told ANA.

Noting that these parts are highly important in steel industry, he said, “These copper parts can reduce the cost of making steel products in the country.”

Rahimi named the company’s product as ‘plate copper molds (plate crystallizer)’, and said, “Copper crystallizer is one of the most important equipment in continuous casting lines system. The melt prepared from the tundish drains into this plate and causes the steel to freeze from the sides of the walls.”

“This part was imported from Germany for 30 years but we managed to indigenize the equipment in Iran,” he added.

In a relevant development in August, Iranian researchers at a nanotechnology company had also succeeded in production of a new casting refractory based on ceramic materials.

‘Pat Roshan Nikta Group’ company made the casting refractory in which nanoparticle-containing colloidal binder is used with an appropriate stability.

It is able to efficiently bind the ceramic precursors to form final bulk refractory units and coatings.

The addition of ceramic nanoparticles to the binder of the refractory has resulted in enhanced gelation properties and improved strength.

The refractory can be used in casting factories, petrochemical plants and steel mills.


Source: ANA