William Burns, Jake Sullivan and the Daesh attack on Shah Cheragh

TEHRAN – Iranian intelligence and security forces have so far neutralized at least 28 attacks planned by the Daesh terror group. This goes to show that Iranian intelligence organizations have been quite successful in gathering and monitoring information related to terrorism.

Despite great efforts by Iran, Daesh sadly managed to carry out an attack on the Shah Cheragh holy shrine in the southcentral Iranian city of Shiraz on August 13, for the second time in the past year. Even though the attack left a number of casualties, it was largely controlled by security forces.

New information obtained by the Tehran Times shows that Daesh terrorist attacks in Iran and similar attacks in other parts of the world are somehow related to two officials working for the United States. The Tehran Times understands that CIA Director William J. Burns and U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan were at least aware that such events were about to unfold.

Anonymous sources in Iran have revealed that Burns, who was previously known as a diplomat, and Sullivan, who is the current mastermind of the Democratic Party, have been aware of Daesh’s planned attacks on Iran. The two officials even knew that the terror group was planning to target a busy cultural site in the capital Tehran. The planned assault was luckily discovered and prevented by Iranian forces.

The new information makes it necessary to take a few points into consideration:

– The two officials who are key members of the Democratic Party seem to know of Daesh attacks beforehand, but decide against taking any preemptive measures. Burns and Sullivan even refrained from taking action when terrorists carried out attacks inside Europe.

– Was Donald Trump speaking facts when he accused Democrats of creating Daesh? (Trump deemed Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party helped establish the terror group. Sullivan served as Hillary’s assistant)

– The fact that the two figures are aware of terrorists’ plans must make it clear to U.S. officials that Iran and Daesh are enemies. That means Iran, which is anti-Daesh and thus anti-terrorist, should receive support in its fight against terrorism instead of getting hindered.

– Democrats decide to keep mum on Daesh’s plans as they believe insecurity inside Iran can act to their benefit. If Iran has to grapple with insecurity and terrorism, it will be less demanding at the negotiating table.

– The new information shows how powerful Iran’s intelligence is. The country even knows what the CIA chief and an important security advisor are hiding.

– Burns and Sullivan used to be quite unknown members of the Democratic Party. The two men were responsible for the gathering of information and facts about the JCPOA in 2015 and Sullivan was the one who had to identify any linguistic inconsistencies. The two officials have now turned into leaders who are making plans for the 2024 U.S. elections behind the scenes.

Diplomats claim they have been trying to reach an agreement with Iran in a bid to rein the country. If that’s the case then Sullivan and Burns who used to be diplomats, must have filled Iran in on the details of the Daesh attacks to at least pretend to have good will. A good diplomat knows what he needs to do in order to secure more votes.

Source: Tehran Times