‘Ethics and Economics’ introduce at Iranian bookstores

‘Ethics and Economics’ introduce at Iranian bookstores
IBNA- Business & Economics book ‘Ethics and Economics: An Introduction to Free Markets, Equality and Happiness’ (2021) by Dutch academics Johan Graafland has been published in Persian and is sold at Iranian bookstores.’
The informative work has been translated into Persian by Vahid Mousavi Davar. Kavosh Cultural Institute in Tehran has released ‘Ethics and Economics’ in 485 pages.

This textbook applies economic ethics to evaluate the free market system and enables students to examine the impact of free markets using the three main ethical approaches: utilitarianism, principle-based ethics and virtue ethics.

‘Ethics and Economics’ systematically links empirical research to these ethical questions, with a focus on the core topics of happiness, inequality and virtues. Each chapter offers a recommended further reading list.

The final chapter provides a practical method for applying the different ethical approaches to morally evaluate an economic policy proposal and an example of the methodology being applied to a real-life policy.

This book will give students a clear theoretical and methodological toolkit for analyzing the ethics of market policies, making it a valuable resource for courses on economic ethics and economic philosophy.

Mark D. White, Chair and Professor, Department of Philosophy, College of Staten Island/CUNY, and editor of ‘The Oxford Handbook of Ethics and Economics’ comments on this book: “With this book, Graafland provides both an excellent introduction to ethics-and-economics and an innovative exploration of the effect of free markets on happiness and inequality, grounded in moral philosophy and economic theory and supplemented by a wealth of real-world data. This is truly a landmark achievement that is certain to be an indispensable resource for scholars, teachers, and students for years to come.”

Johan J. Graafland is Professor in Economics, Business, and Ethics at Tilburg University, The Netherlands, and Fellow of the Tilburg Sustainability Center.

Source: IBNA