Raeisi defends his administration record in housing sector

Raeisi defends his administration record in housing sector

TEHRAN, Aug. 27 (MNA) – President Raeisi defended his government's record in the housing sector after inaugurating 110,000 homes built through his gadminstration's assistance for people.

Ebrahim Raieis inaugurated as many as 110,000 homes built in different cities across the country during a ceremony to commemorate Government Week

The president described housing as a driving force that can boost other sectors such as manufacturers and producers of construction materials, adding that housing accounts for a big share of the households' monthly costs.

He further stressed building more affordable homes for renters, declaring that his government would stick to his election promises in the field of housing.

Raeisi further asserted that his government's measures in the housing sector are coming to the surface gradually, calling on the banks to finance housing projects more seriously than before.

He further reiatreated his promise that his administration will spare no efforts to tackle problems in the housing sector and build more homes for people.


Source: Mehr News