Iran is at the intersection of the world economy

In a note, the Iran newspaper discussed the recent achievements of the sitting government. It wrote: With the looming membership in the BRICS group, which will provide multilateral cooperation and sidelining the dollar, Iran will find an opportunity to integrate its economy with economically emerging countries after enduring decades of oppressive Western sanctions.

This organization can activate the Russia-Iran-India corridor, which would help facilitate and accelerate exchanges between the member countries. Iran's special geographical position, its capacities, and abundant natural resources (oil and gas) coupled with transit routes attract the attention of BRICS. Iran’s transit route provides one of the safest, cheapest, and shortest export paths for the members of the economic bloc. The country's membership in this economic group has attracted the world's attention.

Siasat-e-Rooz: Media propaganda against Iran's authority

In its editorial, Siasat-e-Rooz discussed the atmosphere of the Western media regarding the unwritten agreement between the United States and Iran. It said: Iran's official membership in the Shanghai organization and BRICS, along with Iran's oil export reaching to the levels prior to the JCPOA have proved wrong the claim that Iran is isolated. Amid this situation, the Western media, including Persian language media outlets, could not hide their anger about these achievements. The mission of these media is to show an unrealistic image of what is going on around the world, so that perhaps in a war of perception, make addressees indifferent to the achievements and even humiliate them in order to prevent Iranians from playing a greater role in the new world order. This behavior demonstrates that the West is fearful of the status of Iran in the world and the role that is playing on the world stage. Iran's membership in BRICS is a clear sign of this status. The follow-up is giving in to Iran's demands as highlighted in the exchange of prisoners and releasing Iran’s blocked money.

Sobh-e-No: The rail link of Tehran-Riyadh
The first container train from Russia to Iran was launched from the Incheh Borun railway border to Bandar Abbas and headed to Saudi Arabia to mark the first effective step of normalizing relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia after the March 10 Beijing agreement. The new route reduces the delivery time by several days and increases the sending of container trains from South Ural railway stations to Bandar Abbas. Upon reducing customs duty, the cost of sending goods through the North-South corridor has been reduced by almost half. These economic and commercial events are taking place as the countries of Iran and Saudi Arabia resumed relations and were also officially invited to join the international BRICS economic bloc. They will start their activities in line with this economic pact from the beginning of the new year.

Kayhan: Nonsense talks after increase in Iran's oil sales

In a commentary, Kayhan discussed increase in Iran's oil sales. The paper wrote: Increase in Iran’s oil sales is due to the failure of sanctions policies and not due to an unwritten agreement, as some circles in America claim. In response, the American circles, by publishing reports without evidence, want to insinuate as if this increase is the result of the will of the United States and that the American government, in an unwritten agreement with Iran, has turned a blind eye to enforcing the oil sanctions on Iran! But these news articles are nothing more than lies and there are clear and indisputable reasons that the U.S. has not backed down from the strategy of pressure and economic war against Iran and the invention of such stories is only intended to hide the "failure of oil embargo on Iran". The fact is that the “maximum pressure” policy against Iran has had no achievement for the United States. The claim of ignoring Iran's oil sanctions is likely leaked to the American media by circles in the government in order to find an excuse against many undeniable facts that Iran's oil exports have reached more than 2 million barrels this month (August 2023); and while covering up the failure of oil sanctions, they underplay Iran's achievement in neutralizing the oil sanctions.

Source: Tehran Times