Iranian Nanotechnology Company Produces Freeze Dryer Devices

TEHRAN (ANA)- Researchers at an Iranian company used nanotechnology to manufacture different thermal and cooling equipment, including freeze dryer device.

Shiva Azimi, a member of the board of directors and the manager of the research and development department of Tajhizatsazan Pishtaz company, elaborated on the construction and application of thermal analysis devices and cooling dryers by using nanotechnology.

“Tajhizatsazan Pishtaz company has started its activity in the field of advanced technologies in areas of vacuum technology, refrigeration (freeze dryer devices) and designing and manufacturing measurement and analysis equipment since 27 years ago,” she said.

“During these years, several equipment have been produced by the company and currently, the company's design and development unit is working in the field of analysis equipment and will introduce many products in this field in the future,” Azimi said.

Earlier this year, researchers of a technological company in Iran had also managed to make a cooling drying device needed by industries active in the materials engineering, agricultural, chemistry and pharmaceutical fields.

“We have sold nearly 20 of these cooling drying machines to different industries in the past three years,” said Siamak Aziminam, the managing director of the technological company.

He added that the device enjoys a favorable quality and price, stating, “We are trying to present the product to the international market.”

Noting that the drying device was not well known in the scientific community and was used only in medical sub-branches until some years ago, Aziminam said, “We tried to introduce this technology to the industry and now these devices are used in various fields. We have recieved orders for purchasing from different industries like material engineering, agriculture, chemistry, nanotechnology, and medicine.”


Source: ANA