Nanotechnology Firm in Iran Makes Black, Shiny Polyethylene Masterbatch

TEHRAN (ANA)- An Iranian nanotechnology firm managed to produce special black and shiny masterbatch by using polyethylene.

Omid Rastegar, the managing director of Novin Andish Baspar Shiraz Company, elaborated on production and application of black and shiny polyethylene nano masterbatch by his company, saying that his firm was founded five years ago in Fasa city in Fars province in Southern Iran.

“Our company produces all types of masterbatch and polymer compounds. Its first production line was dedicated to the production of black masterbatch,” he said, adding that the second production line of the company was inaugurated recently at Shiraz Industrial Town.

Masterbatch is a thick mixture of pigment, additive, filler, etc. in a polymer matrix which includes polymer matrix, active ingredient and compatibilizing agents.

Earlier, in August, an Iranian engineering company could also produce a special polypropylene masterbatch strengthened by nanoparticles used in automotive industry.

‘Shamim Polymer Kosar’ company managed to make the product that is a nanoparticle-reinforced polypropylene matrix masterbatch in which the incorporated nanoparticles serve as filler, contributing to an increase in the mechanical properties.

The addition of nanoparticles to the polymer has led to enhanced mechanical properties, including flexural and tensile strengths.

The polymer can be used in manufacturing automotive components like bumpers.


Source: ANA