Iran’s cinema organization investigates recent film piracy 

TEHRAN – The Cinema Organization of Iran (COI) has launched an investigation into the illegal release of some pirated movies, an official with the organization has announced.

A comprehensive investigation had been ordered by the director of the organization into the recent illegal release of movies such as “Subtraction” by Mani Haqiqi, and “Without Her” by Arian Vazirdaftari on social media, Jafar Ansarifar said on Sunday.

Preliminary investigations have indicated that the films were likely released from non-governmental entities, such as foreign festivals or film offices, while following strict protective measures, including the use of DCP for film review, he added.

The case had been referred to the judicial system and the cyber police for technical inquiry in order to identify the source of the film's release, he noted.

There is a possibility of organized distribution of the aforementioned illegally released films in a way that the distributed copies are of original quality and lack any title or review markings, he mentioned.

The COI and relevant authorities are devoted to safeguarding the rights of filmmakers and will continue their investigations to identify the perpetrators of these illegal acts, he stated.

Directed by Mani Haqiqi, “Subtraction” follows driving instructor Farzaneh, when she spots her husband on the streets of Tehran, even though he is supposed to be out of town on a business trip, she naturally suspects the worst. Following him, Farzaneh’s fears are seemingly confirmed when she sees him visiting another woman. With that woman’s husband also suspecting something is awry, the situation erupts into violence. Yet, all is not quite what it seems.

Taraneh Alidoosti and Navid Mohammadzadeh deliver compelling, psychologically driven performances in Haqiqi’s highly anticipated follow-up to his black comedy “Pig”.

Directed by Arian Vazirdaftari, “Without Her” is a psychological drama about Roya who encounters a quiet young girl who appears lost and doesn’t remember anything just two weeks before emigrating from Iran to Denmark. She takes her in, providing her with a home and introducing her to her husband, family and friends, all the while blissfully unaware that this girl has come to replace her.

Photo: A scene from “Without Her” by Arian Vazirdaftari


Source: Tehran Times