Iran applauds resumption of Saudi-Ansarullah talks

TEHRAN- The Iranian foreign minister’s senior adviser for special political affairs has praised the resumption of peace talks between Yemen’s Ansarullah and Saudi Arabia.

In a video conference with the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Yemen, Ali Asghar Khaji stated on Sunday that Iran is pleased with the restart of political discussions between Yemen's Ansarullah and Saudi authorities.

Pointing to Yemen’s appalling humanitarian situation, the Iranian diplomat urged the international community and the United Nations to advocate for the delivery of humanitarian supplies and medication to the impoverished country.

Both the Iranian and UN officials emphasized the significance of finding a political solution to the Yemeni situation.

They also expressed confidence that Ansarullah and Saudi Arabia’s political negotiations would resume and lead to the agreements required for the settlement of humanitarian crises and the implementation of a long-lasting truce in Yemen.

Dispute over Arash gas field with Kuwait ‘not a big deal’

In an interview with the Arabic-language al-Masirah TV, Khaji also said Tehran feels a disagreement with neighboring Kuwait over a gas field in the Persian Gulf is not a major concern, suggesting the matter can be handled given the two nations’ close relations.

He added that Iran is not concerned that the Arash gas field, known in Kuwait as al-Durra, to become a source of friction in bilateral relations with Kuwait.

Khaji stated that Iran and Kuwait could overcome their disagreement over the strategically vital gas field through collaboration based on the two countries’ historical status.

Despite the unfavorable tone that certain media sources are trying to create in order to cause conflict among the nations in the region, the diplomat noted that Iran is “very optimistic” about finding a solution.

“We are very optimistic about a settlement on the Arash gas field regardless of the negative atmosphere that some media outlets want to use to create division among regional countries,” Khaji stressed.

The comments follow a slew of claims made by Kuwaiti authorities that their nation and Saudi Arabia had the sole rights to the resources of the Arash field, which spans an undefined region of Iranian and Kuwaiti waters in the Persian Gulf.

That comes as some experts believe Iran could have the lion’s share of the gas field if its boundaries with Kuwait are demarcated.

The agreement that Kuwait and Saudi Arabia reached last year allowing them to develop the field and split its revenues without Iran’s involvement has angered Iranian authorities.

However, according to Khaji, Iran thinks that the disagreement over Kuwait’s gas field can be resolved peacefully, and the two countries have recently engaged in a number of rounds of technical discussions.

Given the willingness of the Iranian authorities, he asserted, “This issue won’t be difficult to resolve.”

Source: Tehran Times