More details about Biden’s ceasefire plan

More details about Biden's ceasefire planTEHRAN (defapress) – This ceasefire plan contains three phases:

The first phase is six weeks: a complete cease-fire and withdrawal of Israeli forces from all populated areas of Gaza, as well as the release of several hostages in exchange for the release of “hundreds” of Palestinian prisoners. The remains of hostages who have been killed would be returned to their families as well. Citizens in Gaza could return home to any part of the coastal enclave and more aid — as much as 600 trucks a day — would be moved in to stave off what experts warn could be a looming famine.

During that phase, he said, Israel and Hamas would negotiate a Phase 2: “a permanent end of hostilities.” As long as negotiations continue, the ceasefire will hold, potentially lasting longer than the initial 6 weeks. Phase 2 would also see the release of all remaining living hostages.

Phase 3 would be the start of a “major reconstruction plan for Gaza,” and any final remains of hostages would be returned to their families.

Source: Defa Press