Our attitude to Biden’s words is positive

Our attitude to Biden's words is positiveTEHRAN (defapress) – The Hamas movement announced in an official statement that we have a positive attitude towards what was stated in today's speech by US President Joe Biden in his call for a permanent ceasefire, i.e. the withdrawal of Zionist forces from the Gaza Strip, reconstruction and exchange of prisoners.

The Hamas movement announced that the American position and regional and international consensus on the necessity of ending the Gaza war is the result of the legendary persistence of the Gazans and their courageous resistance.

In this regard, Hamas informed its readiness to deal positively and constructively with any proposal for a permanent ceasefire, the complete withdrawal of Zionist forces from the Gaza Strip, the reconstruction of Gaza, and the return of refugees to their places of residence.

Hamas also said that if the occupying regime of Israel declares its explicit commitment to this ceasefire, the exchange of prisoners is also applicable.

Source: Defa Press