Hamas tunnels put the Zionist regime under pressure

Hamas tunnels put the Zionist regime under pressureTEHRAN (defapress) – Although the war in Gaza has witnessed many events and changes during the past eight months, some of these developments have shocked us and imposed deep pain, and others have inspired us with real optimism; but some factors are clear in determining the course of events and the outcome of the war. In this war, the Zionist regime focuses on a specific set of pressure levers, and the resistance axis also emphasizes its pressure lever to finally announce its epic victory.

After suffering an irreparable defeat in the al-Aqsa operation, Israel put a pack of pressure cards on the table which were changed, renewed, and adjusted with new developments, and tried to count on these cards as much as possible during the war. In the following, we refer to the cards that the Israelis use against Hamas:

1) Inciting public opinion against the resistance; especially in the first days of the Al-Aqsa Storm to ensure that sympathies with the Palestinians are avoided

2) Targeting places that were claimed to be weapons and missile depots

3) Ground attack and searching for tunnels in the hope of destroying underground networks

4) Separating the north of Gaza from the south of it and creating a security belt to cut off the relationship and coordination between the elements of the resistance

5) Increasing pressure on human living conditions, by intensifying the siege, limiting aid, disrupting the medical sector, and targeting displaced persons' tents.

But considering that eight months have passed since the start of the war, Israel has realized that the first four cards have lost their effectiveness, and only one card remains, which still counts on it; a card that has caused a storm of global reactions on the one hand, and on the other hand, it has faced unparalleled resistance from the Palestinian people.

The geographical division of the Gaza Strip has not resulted. Attacking the targets that "Israel" considered vital did not prevent rockets from being launched towards Tel Aviv. The ground attack did not cause a disturbance in the functioning of the tunnels; although the Zionists reached the number of tunnels; the resistance axis by trapping, turned this threat into an opportunity. The efforts to incite global public opinion against the Palestinians ended in the first weeks of the Al-Aqsa storm, and all of Netanyahu's speech has become the subject of ridicule and displeasure due to the series of court cases and judicial decisions that followed him; therefore, with the strategic defeat of Israel in the first four axes, the occupying forces put all their weight on the fifth factor (human conditions). By doing this, they try to increase people's money and life losses.

But against the Islamic resistance, it uses its pressure lever so well. The first lever of pressure is about prisoners who are held captive by the Palestinian resistance.

The second lever of pressure is the mortars that came from the air to the ground in Gaza. These mortars have shrapnel that may hit an Israeli prisoner and worry his family in occupied Palestine.

The third means of Hamas's pressure on the Zionists is to strengthen the state of fear among the settlers, to insinuate that "Israel" is not a good place to live.

Less than 3 weeks after the Al-Aqsa storm, according to the Israel Democratic Institute (IDI), 64% of Israelis felt worried about physical security and 59% felt worried about economic security.

Relying on the duality of tunnels and snipers (for soldiers and tanks) to strengthen the principle of asymmetric warfare and wear down the occupying forces, is the fourth tool of pressure on the Zionist regime.

Promoting the internal dispute of Israel due to the imposed disagreement caused by the unresolved issue of the war field is also the fifth factor of pressure on the Zionists.

Creating an international atmosphere against Israel's policies and worsening the situation of Israel and America (like the protest of pro-Palestinian students at universities, convicting by global institutions, and ruling of the International Court of Justice, and the International Criminal Court…) is the sixth tool of Islamic resistance pressure on the Zionists. So we see these six elements move to increase in the Palestinian timeline. Although "Israel", by ignoring their fate, tried to get rid of the pressure of the first card (captives), it was incapable of that.

In the end, it can be said that Hamas tunnels play an important role in putting pressure on the Zionist regime and act as a tool where it is possible to keep prisoners, continue missile capabilities, and maintain the element of surprise in confrontations and sniper shootings. Most technical reports, especially Western reports, do not bet on their destruction without penetrating the depths of the tunnel and discovering its general plans.

Source: Defa Press