The playing victim of the Zionist regime has no impact

The oppression of the Zionist regime has no impactTEHRAN (defapress) – The Chairman of the Islamic Parliament, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, today (June 1), in "International summit on Gaza: The oppressed but resilient" at IRIB conference hall, while stating that today the conscience of the free people of the world has been wounded and shaken by what has been happening to the Palestinians for months and years, added that today, the wave of support for Gaza and the resistant Rafah has reached European and American cities and even some former allies of the Zionist regime are determined to recognize the independent state of Palestine.

He continued that today when the Hague International Court stops stuttering and condemns the usurper Israel, European and American universities have become classrooms of liberation and freedom, despite the oppression by those loyal to the illegitimate existence of Israel, the world hears the voice of Palestine, but this voice was heard 60 years ago from a Godly man in Qom.

The Chairman of the Islamic Parliament stated that in the view of Imam Khomeini (RA), it was necessary to solve the Palestinian issue, to pay attention to the global conscience and the unity of the Muslim community, and remark that from the day that Islamic movement began in Iran, until the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Imam (RA) never allowed the issue of Palestine to be removed from the agenda of the Iranian people. After the victory of the revolution, he used all the facilities of the system that emerged from the people's revolution to solve the problem of Palestine.

He added that since that time, the most important thing was to focus and pay attention to the issue of Palestine, which remains the first issue of the Islamic world. In this context, the Imam (RA) did not spare any help, and the initiative of World Quds Day originated from this concern. Now we see that every day has become the International Day of Palestine.

The head of the legislative body of Iran, further considered Israel's brutality as a reaction to existential fear and continued that no one understands better than Israel itself that this wave of resistance centered on the Palestinians will sooner or later eradicate this evil and corrupt entity. He said that the flashy and playing victim advertisements of the Zionist regime no longer have an impact; as the economy of this regime is collapsing and beyond all illusions, Israel's security has become a permanent fear for its citizens.

Ghalibaf further expressed that God willing, global solidarity for the destruction of Israel will continue and our youth will greet the world after Israel, which is a better place for human life today and mentioned that Iran's True Promise operation exposed the cobweb of Israel's hideous regime to the eyes of the world and disrupted the miscalculations of the domination system. He continued that we have no compunction with the enemy neither in supporting the oppressed people of Palestine nor in maintaining our security, but it is good for the youth of the world to know that we have resisted for democracy and for all the original and real residents of Palestine to decide the fate of their country by themselves, regardless of their religion and identity. This is the permanent and feasible plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran to resolve the Palestinian issue definitively.

Source: Defa Press