Cuba Rejects US Naval Presence in Its Territory

Cuba Rejects US Naval Presence in Its Territory

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Cuba has strongly condemned the presence of a US nuclear submarine at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, located in the southeastern part of the island, which Cuba considers illegally occupied territory.

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Cuban Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Carlos Fernandez de Cossio Dominguez told local media that, although his country was informed of the presence of the US ship in accordance with procedures established some years ago between Havana and Washington, Cuba does not approve the naval presence in its territory without invitation, Xinhua reported.

"We do not like the presence in our territory of this nature," he said, stressing that visits by foreign naval ships to a country are usually the result of an invitation and "this is not the case."

The Southern Command of the United States said the USS Helena, a nuclear-powered fast attack submarine, pulled into the waters near the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base on Thursday, a day after four Russian naval vessels arrived at the port of Havana for a visit that will last until Monday.

The Cuban vice foreign minister also recalled the "illegal and unacceptable" nature of the US occupation of a part of Cuban territory in the province of Guantanamo "against the will of the Cuban people."

"It is an illegitimate military occupation and that is what makes the difference," he denounced.

Source: Tasnim News