Iran to Place Voting Stations at US Border After Canada Denies Election Permission

Iran to Place Voting Stations at US Border After Canada Denies Election Permission

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran will set up polling stations at the US-Canada border for Iranians residing in Canada after Canadian authorities refused permission for Iranian election activities, according to the official overseeing the process.

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"The Canadian government has not authorized Iranians living there to participate in the election," said Alireza Mahmoudi, the official managing overseas election. He added, "In response, in collaboration with Iran's Interest Protection Office in Washington, we will establish ballot boxes at the border between the United States and Canada."

Mahmoudi, speaking to the Student News Network, urged Iranian nationals in Canada to go to these polling stations to exercise their voting rights.

"Our representatives have established multiple polling branches in countries such as Germany, Iraq, the United States, and the United Kingdom," Mahmoudi explained. These branches are located in representative neighborhoods, embassies, consulates, interests protecting offices, and other Iranian-populated areas."

"With Friday being a regular workday abroad and many Iranians employed, voting will begin at 8 AM local time," Mahmoudi emphasized.

In Germany, polling infrastructure includes five branches in Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, and Bonn, alongside about 30 polling branches and several mobile units in the United States, and ten branches in the United Kingdom.

In Iraq, there are 24 polling branches set up across six locations, designed to accommodate the substantial presence of Iranian pilgrims during religious observances.

"Despite our extensive efforts, Canadian authorities have unfortunately not granted permission for Iranians in Canada to (set up polling stations)," Mahmoudi lamented. "Therefore, in coordination with Iran's Interest Protection Office in Washington and our colleagues in New York, we are arranging for ballot boxes at the US-Canada border."

Mahmoudi underscored that participation in elections is a fundamental right and should remain free from political interference.

Source: Tasnim News