Nano-Based Anti-Reflective Lens Used in Iran-Made Binoculars

TEHRAN (ANA)- Specialists at an Iranian nanotechnology company managed to make anti-reflective lens for binoculars.

‘Noavaran Modabber Sanat’ company made the binocular in which a nano-thick thin film is deposited over the lenses, aimed at decreasing the light reflection.

Applying a nano-thick coating over the lenses leads to emergence of the anti-reflection property.

Earlier, in March, researchers at an Iranian knowledge-based company had also managed to use nanocoatings to improve vision of the pilots.

They enhanced the performance of airplane windshields by using nanotechnology that is able to reduce the amount of light passing or scattering.

To reduce the light scattering in the airplane windshield, nanolayers were used so that the lights do not disturb the vision of the pilots.

The product was supplied to the market with the support of the Nanotechnology Development Headquarters.

The light scattered from surface irregularities weakens the optical performance of various parts. This includes a decrease in optical efficiency, and a decrease in contrast and clarity of the image, creating a blurred image.


Source: ANA