Iranian Company to Open Offices in 4 Regional States for Production of Dental Composites

TEHRAN (ANA)- Managing director of a knowledge-based company in Iran announced that the company will inaugurate offices for production of dental composites with high color stability in Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Iraq.

"At present, by using inherent color technology, we produce composites whose color is more stable. In this method, color is added to the composite during baking by using nanohybrid filler,” Ali Mahmoudi said.

“By using this new technology, the color particles are uniformly dispersed throughout the material and they are treated like intrinsic elements of the material. All these advantages have been obtained while maintaining excellent optical like translucency, shade and opal sense,” Mahmoudi said.

“Inherent color technology, in addition to low leakage, water absorption and low solubility in water, resulting from the unique composition of the material, increases the durability and quality of the restoration,” he added.

“At present, we have sent samples of our products to Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Iraq. The sent samples have been accepted in Syria and the representative office of the knowledge-based company is going to be set up in that country within a month,” Mahmoudi said.

Earlier in May, experts at an Iranian knowledge-based company had also managed to manufacture a nickel-titanium alloy that is widely used in dentistry.

The alloy containing nickel (Ni) and titanium (Ti) is used especially for endodontic instruments.

NiTi alloys offer major advantages over conventional stainless steel endodontic files due to properties such as flexibility, elasticity, and improved resistance to cyclic fatigue.

“We have succeeded in making a nickel-titanium alloy with compositions close to 50-50 percent by weight,” Ali Heidarnia, an expert with the company, said.

This intermetallic alloy has memory effects and superelastic properties. Another important property of the alloy in question is that it returns to its original form when heated to a certain temperature, he explained.

One of the important applications of this alloy is orthodontic wires in dentistry, which has many advantages compared to other orthodontic wires, Heidarnia noted.


Source: ANA