Iranian Knowledge-Based Firm Produces Electronic Educational Contents for School Students

TEHRAN (ANA)- Researchers of a knowledge-based company in Iran succeeded in designing electronic educational products for school students.

“The educational products designed in our company provide information to students. They include book bank, e-book, automation and question bank. These products can be used by schools and students,” Alireza Rezayee, a member of the board of directors of the knowledge-based company, told ANA.

He added that all educational contents, like book exercises, textbooks, and national exam questions, are provided to students and schools in the form of chapters and lessons in this educational program, noting that students can be trained and even evaluated by using this electronic system.

Rezayee stated that the system can also provide a report on the performance of students and school to administrators which can reduce costs of education by 90%.

“All activities of our company, from code-writing to other activities, are carried out electronically and online. The UNESCO international organization chose our company as the first knowledge-based system and the first top e-learning company,” he added.

Earlier this year, an Iranian knowledge-based company had also unveiled an application that can set up an online and free-of-charge laboratory for schools.

Mohammad-Esmaeil Karami, the managing director of the company, said preparing laboratories in schools usually costs a lot, and especially schools in less developed cities or villages cannot afford to allocate a laboratory and buy the necessary equipment.

“Therefore, this application has been developed as a website to be provided to schools and educational centers.

So, the cost of setting up and equipping the laboratory for schools will practically reach zero.”


Source: ANA