Iranian Knowledge-Based Company Produces Dental Composites with High Color Stability

TEHRAN (ANA)- Researchers at an Iranian knowledge-based firm produced dental composites with high color stability using nanotechnology.

“We started our operation in 2017 and in 2022 we managed to attract required fund. It made us to be able to launch our production line at Shahid Beheshti University,” Ali Mahmoudi, managing director of the Iranian knowledge-based firm said according to a report by the news service of the Iranian Vice Presidency for Science and Technology and Knowledge-based Economy.

Stating that the knowledge-based grade for their company was issued in 2022, he noted, “We employed inherent color technology to produce the composites, which improved the color stability of the produced composites; because in this method color is added into the composite during baking using nanohybrid filler.”

“Using this new technology, the color particles are uniformly dispersed in the entire material, and this method has made the produced composites to be durable and of high quality while maintaining excellent optical properties,” Mahmoudi pointed out.

The managing director of the company went on to say that the country was to import all its need for dental composite fillings from overseas, adding, “Between 2011-2017, about 13 tons of composites were imported into the country. Such huge imports imposed a huge cost on the government. Currently, we have planned to meet 10% of the overall need in the country and if our products receive a warm welcome from the public, our production line has the capability to meet the entire need in the country.”

Highlighting that the products that are imported from overseas are at a really high price, the researcher said, “We produce A-quality products, while they are offered to the market at a price equivalent to B-quality products. We hope to be able to become dominant in the domestic and even foreign markets using our new technological method.”


Source: ANA