Iranian Knowledge-Based Company Produce Warming Textile with Capability to Help Rehabilitate Patients

TEHRAN (ANA)- A knowledge-based company in Iran has produced warming fabric for different uses that can help patients with their rehabilitation.

In the past years, one of the knowledge-based companies succeeded in producing heating fabrics and different kinds of hospital elevators (lifts), and in 2010, it started its activities in the fields of robotics, medical equipment, mechanics, electricity and electronics.

“Our work started with the design of a patient lift. We were working on production of lifts and laboratory equipment since, and until now we have produced 35 different models of laboratory equipment. We later managed to bring them to mass production,” Haji Babayee, the managing dirctor of the company said.

He stated that in 2017, due to the sanctions and currency problems, production costs suddenly increased, adding, “This forced us to limit the production of laboratory equipment to four models, and from that year on, we focused on the production of rehabilitation equipment and we produced different products.”

“Since three years ago, the research and development team of the company has been focusing on the design of heating fabrics, and the result of this research was the production of fabric that is greatly different in terms of quality compared to its equivalents available in the market,” Haji Babayee added.

The managing director of the knowledge-based firm further asserted that unlike magnetic warming fabrics or blankets, the fabric produced is not heated based on electromagnetic waves. It enters the body, which has therapeutic properties and helps the patients with their rehabilitation.

According to him, these fabrics are used in producing wheelchairs, knee pads and belts.

Haji Babayee stated that the belts produced using heating fabrics will enter the market from October this year, adding, “The production of heating fabrics was completed with the support of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund.”

The managing director of the company further announced the export of their products to Australia and several other countries.


Source: ANA