Iranian Researchers Produce Delivery Drones

TEHRAN (ANA)- The Iranian researcher have designed and manufactured a payload drone to transport deliveries in a fast and secure way.

In an interview with ANA news agency, Iliya Rezayee, the designer of the programming parameters of the delivery drone in an Iranian knowledge-based team, pointed out that drones will become a critical part of the transportation industry in the coming years.

"We have now succeeded in designing a drone named Octacopter P11 that is used for smart transportation of parcels (deliveries).”

Stating that the Octacopter UAV can be directed automatically by radio control, he stated, “This automatic UAV has the capability to carry five kg payload with high endurance in light flights. One of the most important advantages of Octacopter P11 UAV is moving to the destination and returning after receiving the geographical data.”

Pointing out that users can direct the drone only by holding the remote control and determining the geographic location, Rezayee added, “Also, using the mission map, users can get the details of the delivery of the parcel, including the height of the drone during the flight.”

“Besides transporting delivery, this drone is used in the fields of agriculture, filming, military, and rescue missions, and it can also be used with minor changes in the structures,” the researcher further underscored.

He stated that changing the functions of the UAV does not cost much at all, adding, “The methods of transporting deliveries in the modern world have witnessed changes and we can use drones to solve the challenges of land transportation, including traffic and time-consuming deliveries.”

The researcher said that the quadcopter has the 360-degree graphical sensing, adding, “The material used in the Octacopter UAV is carbon, glass fibers, and PVC foam. Also, its finished price is expected to be 200 million Tomans.”


Source: ANA