Tehran center to screen restored version of “Where Is the Friend’s Home?”

TEHRAN – Tehran’s Sahne-ye Abi cultural center plans to screen a restored version of the world-renowned Iranian auteur Abbas Kiarostami’s 1987 drama “Where Is the Friend’s Home?” on Thursday.

The screening will be followed by a review session by Iranian critics Maziar Cheshmeh Alai and Ali-Asghar Mirzai.

"Where is Friend's Home?" follows Ahmad, an eight-year-old boy living in a village in Iran who accidentally takes his friend's notebook home. Ahmad must return the notebook to his friend's home before the next day, or his friend will be expelled from school.

The story may seem simple, but Kiarostami's subtle storytelling techniques, masterful use of landscape, and understated performances elevate the film to a touching and poetic experience.

The film has received high praise from many critics and is considered one of Kiarostami's most beloved works. It is also recognized as a significant member of Iran's New Wave, a movement in Iranian cinema that rejected the commercialism of earlier Iranian cinema in favor of a more artistic and socially conscious approach to filmmaking.

Kiarostami's "Where is Friend's Home?" captures the essence of Iranian village life through the lens of an innocent and charming story that is contemplative and sensitive. The film is a masterpiece that showcases Kiarostami's deep understanding of human emotions, modest filmmaking, and observation of intricate social and personal moments that go unnoticed by the world at large. The movie's simplicity is its strength and provides its viewers with a thoughtful and touching perspective of life.

"Where is Friend's Home?" has won several awards since its release, including the Bronze Leopard at the Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland. The film also received the Critics' Prize at the Sao Paulo International Film Festival and the Pasinetti Award at the Venice Film Festival.


Source: Tehran Times