Take part in Bank Melli Iran’s interest-free saving accounts drawing with 500 thousand Rials

By opening an account or completing the balance of 500 thousand Rials until the end of Mordad, Bank Melli Iran's applicants and clients can Take part in this round of Bank Melli Iran's interest-free saving accounts drawing.

According to BMI public relations, 1307 car purchase allowances worth one billion Rials are special prizes for this round of the drawing.

Also, it is considered 1307 dowry purchase allowances worth 500 million Rials each, along with 1307 travel allowances to Karbala, worth 150 million Rials each, and 1307 travel allowances to Mashhad, 100 million Rials worth each, for the participants in the drawing.

1,307 scholarships worth 50 million Rials each, are another part of the prizes of the 43rd drawing of interest-free savings accounts of Melli Bank of Iran.

The necessary conditions for accounts to participate in the drawing and awarding in this round of BMI'S interest-free savings accounts drawing is having a minimum balance of 500 thousand Rials on the day of the drawing and an active account, and keeping a minimum balance of the account for three months or 90 consecutive days during the drawing round or since the last deadline for opening an account or completing the balance.

Source: Tehran Times