Taliban detains Iranian photojournalist

TEHRAN- The Taliban has detained Mohammad Hossein Velayati, an Iranian photojournalist working for the Tasnim news agency, in Kabul without providing an explanation.

Velayati had spent 10 days in the capital city of Afghanistan, where he had lawfully entered the country.

It is worth saying that today is the fifth day of his detention.

However, the Taliban imprisoned him without providing a reason when he arrived back at Kabul Airport.

It is anticipated that the Taliban would move fast to release the photojournalist given the unfavorable impressions that Iranians have of how the group treated Iranian journalists.

On August 8, Iran observed National Reporter Day by remembering the martyrdom anniversary of an Iranian journalist and eight diplomats who lost their lives as the Taliban raided the city of Mazar-i-Sharif in 1998. The Taliban stormed the Iranian consulate in the city, killing journalist Mahmoud Saremi and eight diplomats on August 8, 1998. The carnage drew condemnations from all around the world.

Source: Tehran Times