Israel is in a nightmare

In a commentary, Kayhan pointed to Israel's fear of the restoration of ties between Iran and Saudi by quoting Zionist analyst Mikah Halpern who has said: “The diplomatic movements of Iran and Saudi Arabia and Beijing's mediation to warm Tehran-Riyadh relations are a "nightmare" for Israel and the United States.

Any diplomatic action involving Iran is extremely dangerous for Israel and the region. Diplomatic relations and talks are going on that made me worry. The United States and Israel should be seriously concerned about renewed negotiations and establishment of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia.”

Halpern has repeatedly been warning about the dire consequences of warming relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, saying, "For Israel, this alliance will be disastrous."

Iran: Realization of mutual benefits through BRICS

In a note, the Iran newspaper addressed Raisi's attendance at the 15th BRICS summit. It wrote: Considering the importance and role that Iran can play in the process of realizing multilateral interests with the BRICS members, the request for our country's membership in the bloc was raised at last year's meeting, which was welcomed by China and Russia. The South-North corridor can provide an opportunity for Iran to serve as a link between the Eastern, Central, and South African countries as Iran has maritime access to India and Africa. This is highly important as African countries seek to find an alternative route to the Suez Canal to gain access to markets in Russia and Northern Europe.

Anyway, as Iran’s bid to join BRICS is being welcomed by members, the 13th government (the sitting Raisi government) is trying to turn every capacity into an opportunity through its convergent approach in line with realizing the country's national interests.

Sobh-e-No: Iran and Algeria's opportunities for each other

In an explanation, Sobh-e-No discussed the visit of the speaker of the Algerian Parliament to Iran and said: Although the main focus of the consultations between the officials of the two countries was economic ones, achieving this goal requires extensive cooperation, especially the private sectors of Iran and Algeria. And considering the long history of cooperation between the two countries, if there is a common will, such a capacity can be revived. Iran's special and very favorable transit routes, its easy access to the markets of 15 neighboring countries, including the Caucasus and Central Asian countries, having 6 free zones, 30 special economic zones, suitable infrastructure, and foreign investment incentives, trade agreements with the Eurasian Economic Union and membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are Iran's most important capabilities that Algerian companies can take advantage of. Mutually, Iran can also benefit from the advantages of Algeria's free trade agreement with the European Union and Arab countries. By using Algeria's membership in the African Union, Iran can take advantage of the activity of Algerian companies in Arab-African countries to export goods.

Javan: The modern American piracy

In an analysis Javan said trespassing the tanker carrying the Iranian oil is an obvious piracy which shows the desperation of the Americans against the resistance of the Iranian nation. The comment by the Javan newspaper comes as Western media outlets reported cargo of Iranian crude oil that was seized by the United States was unloading on Sunday after waiting two-and-a-half months off the coast of Texas to discharge.

The newspaper said: The Islamic revolution in Iran stopped the Americans from plundering Iran's oil and gas resources, and now we see that the White House officials have found a new way to steal Iran's oil resources after four decades. Yet despite the fact that the American government had permitted unloading the cargo of the ship carrying Iranian oil on the coast of Texas, no company dared to unload it. The Americans are well aware that retaliation and recapture of the stolen property of Iran will definitely have regrettable consequences for them and their allies. Certainly, if the sea becomes unsafe for Iranian oil export and trade, it will become unsafe for everyone, and from now on the presence and movement of pirates in the Persian Gulf and other high seas will not be easy, and the width of the Strait of Hormuz will also be narrower for them to pass through and stricter rules will be put in place. The White House officials should know that breaking the rules of the game will be detrimental to everyone and this change of rules will also affect their allies.

Source: Tehran Times