AUT Researchers Design Container to Save Lives in Disastrous Situations

TEHRAN (ANA)- Researchers at the Tehran-based Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) have designed and developed a protected compartment that can save people lives at time of natural disasters such as floods and shootings.

“This system is a safe compartment that can be used for private spaces and public spaces for multiple people. This project was developed after 5 years of technical assessment at Amirkabir University,” Mostafa Taghizadeh, the executive director of the "Emergency Shelter System" project, said in an interview with Iranian media.

“Designing this parapet system was inspired by the car airbag system. This compartment is installed in the false ceiling of the buildings and in emergency situations such as flood and earthquake, it will be opened and the person can stay safe by being inside it,” the researcher said.

Taghizadeh said that the container does not occupy large space in the building as one of its advantages, adding, “The other type of these shelters, which are used in public spaces, can be used in incidents such as the terrorist attacks, because this compartment is bulletproof too.”

According to him, in addition to being a container to accommodate people, the compartment can be considered a protected place to prevent casualties in shootings.

The executive director of the project stated that the container can bear 9 tons of weight and pointed out that when the building is destroyed, it will be a safe place for the people insdie it.

The emergency shelter system is in fact a lightweight structure with a highly resistant shell which is designed to enable rapid reaction to reduce the casualties during unexpected accidents and is considered a new type of rescue shelter that can reduce human casualties in a lot of accidents that can happen in the construction and transportation industries.

The life-saving system intelligently detects emergency conditions and its sensor starts to operate immediately and protects human life at the time of different accidents just like the car's airbag.


Source: ANA