Iran’s Dramatic Arts Center becomes WMO member

TEHRAN- Iran’s Dramatic Arts Center is scheduled to become a member of the World Mime Organization (WMO) for the first time.

In conjunction with the second International Pantomime Festival, set to take place from October 9 to 12 in Iran's northwestern city of Zanjan, the Dramatic Arts Center of Iran will be granted the membership of the World Mime Organization, IRNA reported on Wednesday.

After years of effort, the center will be joining the center with two seats, while this achievement coincides with the commemoration of the 125th birth anniversary of the legendary mime artist, Marcel Marceau, and the 225th birth anniversary of Etienne Decroux, another influential figure in the world of pantomime.

Marceau visited Iran in 1973 and performed some of his most mime pieces at Vahdat Hall in Tehran.

This membership is a significant step for Iran's performing arts community as it provides an opportunity to collaborate and connect with the worldwide mime community.

The World Mime Organization (WMO) is an international organization that focuses on promoting mime as an art form and supporting mime artists worldwide. Founded on Marceau's birth anniversary in 2011, the WMO has been holding both specialized mime conferences and combined conferences of mime and other performing arts.

The WMO conducts regular teaching workshops and master classes for mime enthusiasts every year with the participation of theater centers around the world. It also collaborates with various theater centers around the world to promote the art of mime and other performing arts.

The organization has members from four continents, with its headquarters located in the Serbian capital city of Belgrade.


Source: Tehran Times