Raeisi: Iran presents special business and energy prospects to BRICS members

Raeisi: Iran presents special business and energy prospects to BRICS members

According to Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi, the country presents special prospects for the BRICS group of rising economies members in the areas of commerce, energy, and transportation.

Iran (IMNA) – Raeisi discussed the BRICS's intention to accept new members during his remarks at the "Friends of the BRICS" meeting in Johannesburg on Thursday. He emphasized that the decision will open the door for just global growth.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran's inclusion in BRICS will undoubtedly have historic benefits. It will start a new chapter and represent a fresh step in the direction of fostering fairness, equality, morality, and long-lasting peace, according to President Raeisi.

He stressed that Iran's foreign policy is centered on encouraging multilateral cooperation mechanisms and engaging in as much dialogue as possible, particularly with independent and developing nations.

"We declare our readiness for cooperation, joint economic projects, and investment with BRICS member states "due to its unique transit location, extensive energy resources, and high levels of expertise in various fields, namely industrial production as well as nano and medical technologies," Raeisi said.

The BRICS summit has been held in South Africa three times, and the country has made substantial efforts to improve economic and political ties both within the group and with other countries, according to the Iranian president.

"The African continent is one of the world's major capitals. The continent has been defined by its great cultural and ethnic variety, stunning natural scenery, and abundant mineral resources. Thankfully, Africa's political and social standing is rising, according to Raeisi.

He emphasized that this region of the world is where an important part of the future of the global community is developing. The late South African politician and anti-apartheid campaigner Nelson Mandela and other African warriors against colonialism were honored by the Iranian president.

The Iranian president emphasized that the globe is now experiencing a challenging and confusing scenario due to hegemony, injustice, discrimination, and moral decay.

"The emergence and propagation of issues like hunger and climate change, lack of access to healthcare and medical services, cyber insecurity, and threats to cultures, values, and identities are among the challenges that require efforts and convergence in order to deepen the discourse of justice and find a just system based on common interests," Raeisi said.

He continued by referring to BRICS as a representation of change and reform in international relations that may assist in resolving issues facing the global community, particularly as confidence in its effectiveness grows on a worldwide scale.

Source: Imna