Tel Aviv to return to Stone Age by threatening Beirut

Tel Aviv to return to Stone Age by threatening Beirut

TEHRAN, Aug. 21 (MNA) – A Lebanese Parliament member emphasized that the Zionist regime will return to the Stone Age if continues to threaten this country.

Ihab Hamadeh, a member of Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc emphasized that the Resistance has drawn a new equation in which threatening Lebanon to return this country to the Stone Age is equivalent to returning the Zionist regime to the Stone Age.
"We announce publicly that the enemies' conspiracy was unsuccessful," he stated, adding that Resistance is present everywhere and has changed the equation.

Hamadeh stressed that the change of the equations not only has happened in Lebanon but also in the region leading Resistance to become a major actor at the world level.

Protecting Lebanon's soil becomes possible with the help of the triple equation of the army, the Resistance, and the nation which enabled Lebanon to get the maritime rights of this country, he added.

Gadi Shamni, a retired general in the Israel regime Defense Forces, Referring to the recent "Chavurah" group resistance operation which led to the death of 2 Zionist settlers also predicted that the range of Resistance operations and conflict between Palestinians and Zionists will increase.

He commented on Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah saying that Nasrallah is completely aware of the occurrence of all events.

Hezbollah forces are always ready and they know the Zionist regime's weakness and the fear of Netanyahu's cabinet, he added.


Source: Mehr News