Iran Army launches electronic warfare drills

TEHRAN – The four divisions of the Iranian Army have launched a joint military exercise with the aim of beefing up their electronic warfare capabilities.

The exercise, dubbed “Separe Hafezan-e Velayat 1402” (Shield of Guardians of Velayat 1402), kicked off on Friday in the presence of the chief commander of the Army in central Iran.

The Army Ground Force, Air Force, Navy and Air Defense are taking part in the drills.

Various types of stationary, roving, ground-based, airborne electronic warfare systems are being tested in the drills.

In this specialized exercise, air base electronic support operations were implemented by fighters and manned and unmanned aircraft of the Air Force, according to a statement by the Army.

Also, the electronic defense systems located in the general area of the exercise successfully implemented passive defense and electronic defense operations against drones and small attacking drones.

Earlier, Deputy Chief of the Army for Coordination Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said the drills would feature many electronic warfare exercises.

Increasing specialized skills and transferring experiences to the young army forces as well as exercising combat scenarios are the main aims of organizing this military exercise, Rear Admiral Sayyri said, according to Tasnim.

He said that the Army has paid special attention to electronic warfare technologies and training of committed and experienced human resources in this field over the past years due to the significance of electronic warfare in modern-day battles and the effective role it plays in future wars.

Iran’s Army has made significant progress and achievements in designing and manufacturing required equipment, relying upon its specialized knowledge, technical know-how and internal capabilities, he said.

“The Army has the appropriate infrastructure and we have achieved favorable results in countering threats in today’s world and prediction of future threats in this sensitive and complicated arena.”

Source: Tehran Times