Denmark to Finally Ban Desecration of Holy Quran

Denmark to Finally Ban Desecration of Holy Quran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Denmark’s judiciary has taken steps to ban the desecration of the Holy Quran due to the negative impact of such actions.

The country’s justice minister, Peter Hummelgaard, announced that the government will introduce legislation prohibiting the disrespectful treatment of religious objects of significance to a religious community.

This legislation is primarily aimed at addressing the disrespectful desecrations that have occurred in public places within Denmark, particularly those that have offended the Muslim community. Such actions have caused outrage among Muslims.

In a recent incident in a neighboring Scandinavian country, a repeated offender burned a copy of the Holy Quran in front of the Iranian embassy in Stockholm. Swedish police arrested a woman who tried to intervene. These sacrilegious acts, carried out under the pretext of freedom of speech, have garnered strong condemnation from the Muslim world.

Several countries have summoned or expelled Swedish and Danish diplomats in response, leading to heightened security concerns in the Scandinavian nations.

Earlier this month, Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian, conveyed his concerns to his Danish counterpart, emphasizing that the desecration of the Quran deeply hurt the sentiments of Muslims and followers of other Abrahamic religions.

He called for responsible actions and effective measures to prevent such acts and hold the perpetrators accountable.

Denmark’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Lars Lokke Rasmussen, expressed strong regret over the insults and condemned any desecration of the Holy Quran.

He acknowledged that while freedom of expression is permitted by Danish law, the misuse of this freedom is considered unacceptable. Rasmussen clarified that such actions should not be viewed as representative of the Danish people.

Source: Tasnim News