Iranian Company Develops Nano-Based System for Ballast Water Management in Ships

TEHRAN (ANA)- Managing director of Rah Avaran Ayandeh Darya company announced the experimental installation of an Iran-made nano-based system for ballast water management in vessels.

"In order to transport goods like oil, minerals and containers, the ships need to use several systems to maintain their stability and maneuverability during the trip. One of these systems is the ballast water, in which ships adjust the ballast water without carrying cargo and while unloading part of the cargo in the port for the effective and safe operation of the ship,” said Hosseini, the managing director of the company.

“Ballast water contains biological species and various organisms of bacteria, viruses, plants and coastal organisms. This water is generally transported by ships over long distances and then when the hostile biological species are discharged, they are introduced to the new ecosystem which can lead to water pollution,” the engineer added.

“In order to settle this problem and comply with the international requirements, Rah Avaran Ayandeh Darya company has developed a ballast water management system based on nanofiltration technology in cooperation with Atiyeh Pardazan Zohour Sharif nanotechnology company which is on trial in an Iranian vessels until the end of this year and the results will be released later,” Hosseini said.

Earlier reports this year also said that ‘Darya Pak’ vessel which has been manufactured by Iranian experts can clean up oil pollutions in the sea with a capacity of 550 cubic meters.

“The vessel has a high capacity to carry out sea cleanup operations by collecting 550 cubic meters of oil pollution,” Captain Mahyar Moradian, a graduate of Islamic Azad University’s Kharg branch and the commander of Darya Pak vessel, told ANA.

He added that Darya Pak OSRV is an anti-pollution vessel sent to the sea for emergency situations of pollution caused by oil platforms and oil tankers, noting that the vessel enjoys all equipment needed to carry out rescue missions, deal with pollution and collect pollution and reduce it, which in addition to maintaining the health of the water and ecosystem, helps to prevent oil platform fires and save people.

“All the anti-pollution equipment of this vessel has received the necessary licenses from the international conventions, and fortunately, all the ship's employees are young, talented and educated in the country's universities,” Captain Moradian said.

He stated that the initial design of Darya Pak vessel was carried out first by a Norwegian company and then its construction was entrusted to the Iranian companies, adding that due to sanctions, this cooperation ended, and after a few years, the vessel was completed and put into operation with more up-to-date know-how of the Iranian engineers.


Source: ANA