Iranian Company Biggest Producer of Desktop Vacuum Coating Equipment in Middle-East

TEHRAN (ANA)- Managing director of an Iranian nanotechnology firm announced mass production of desktop vacuum coating machines and sputtering systems in the company.

“At present, our company is the largest manufacturer of desktop vacuum coating equipment in the Middle-East and the products of our company, specially the single cathode sputtering system and the carbon coated device that is used for preparation of samples for electron microscopy and microanalysis, have gained global success,” Ahmad Mahdavi Ardakani said.

He added that the products of his company have been exported to Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Britain, Russia, Portugal, Italy, China, Canada and Estonia so far.

Earlier this year, a technological company in Iran had also succeeded in manufacturing a special desktop CNC machine for cutting foam sheets with less crumbs and chips.

“CNC foam cutting machine is a device that uses a hot wire element to cut various types of foam to produce many products and is used in decorative works, making urban beauty elements and facades,” Seyed Mehdi Amirkiayee, a faculty member of the architecture department of Islamic Azad University’s Bandar Anzali branch and the manager of the company, told ANA.

He explained that due to the lightness of the foam, its large dimensions and the drastic reduction in costs, it is used instead of wood, steel and other materials.

“The low-risk machining process and the possibility to make complex elements are other advantages of foam products,” Amirkiayee said.


Source: ANA