Iranian Nanotechnology Firm Produces No-TDI Prepolymer for Making Car Seats

TEHRAN (ANA)- Farabin Farayand Sharif company in Iran has managed to make a polyurethane solution containing nanoparticles to produce cold foam for car seats with a compressive strength, meeting the standards of auto industry.

“Polyurethane compounds are used to produce car seats, bumpers and some car interior decorations. This substance consists of two main components, one of which is isocyanate. Toluene diisocyanate (TDI) is a type of isocyanate used in various industries, and the use of this type of isocyanate is prohibited in the auto-making industry,” said Mohammad Shivapour, the deputy managing director of Farabin Farayand Sharif company.

“Although this type of isocyanate can be used in other industries like furniture making, removing TDI from isocyanate causes damage to the properties of the final product, i.e. foam in car seats,” he explained.

Shivapour said that his company has designed and produced a type of prepolymer with nanotechnology that does not require TDI and can be used to produce car seats with the PSA standards of the auto industry.

“This polyurethane reinforced with nanotechnology has been produced on a laboratory scale and has obtained laboratory approvals. Also, the purchase guarantee contract has been signed with (Iranian auto-making) SAIPA company and testing is currently being carried out in the production line,” he stressed.

Also, in August, researchers at two nanotechnology companies in Iran succeeded in making antibacterial polypropylene (PP) masterbatch with application in different industries, including auto-making.

‘Parsa Polymer Sharif’ and ‘Taban Andish Berjis’ firms have produced the nanoparticle-containing polypropylene polymeric masterbatch, providing an appropriate resistance against human pathogenic bacteria and deserving to be used in a wide range of applications.

Modification of polypropylene with oxide nanoparticles in the product has led to emergence of antibacterial activity.

The masterbatch can be used in making automotive accessories, home appliances, containers, and electrical/electronic devices like low-loss dielectric materials, packaging, piping systems and plastic moldings.


Source: ANA