SUT Offers 1st Quantum Computing Course in Iran

TEHRAN (ANA)- For the first time in Iran, Sharif University of Technology (SUT) based in Tehran has offered a course on quantum computing and how to work with quantum computers.

The Center for Quantum Science & Technology of Sharif University of Technology (SUT) has planned to hold a course on quantum technology, a report by Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council (INIC).

The comprehensive MicroMaster program on quantum computing and working with quantum computers was started on August 24th and will last till October 20th.

During this 8-week long course, participants will embark on an engaging and interactive journey exploring the intricacies of quantum physics, the essentials of quantum computing, and the tools and techniques needed to effectively use quantum computers.

According to INIC’s report, the course content is designed in a way that is useful for all learners at different levels, from beginners who have no prior knowledge of quantum mechanics to those who have the necessary familiarity and are looking to deepening their knowledge.

The course allows the participants to experience working with a real quantum computer.


Source: ANA