Iran’s Book TV Channel network officially kicks off

IBNA- The inauguration ceremony of Iran’s Book TV Channel was officially held and attended by Deputy Culture Minister Yaser Ahmadvand and CEO of the Book and Literature House Institute Ali Ramezani.
In this ceremony which was also attended by the deputies of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), Ahmadvand said: “Earlier this channel was working under the Book and Literature House Institute which designed, organized and produced related programs.”

“Centered on books, the channel is not simply affiliated to an institute or organization since book is a necessary commodity for all people in different ages and various tastes,” he stated.

“One of the signs of people’s interest in books is their massive presence in Tehran International Book Fair which is visited by millions of people and is something unique throughout the world.”

“Such a social Investment is a source of pride and demands a special medium to broadcast news and events related to books for the interested audience,” Ahmadvand added.

Referring to the preliminary stage of the channel’s activities, Deputy of Cultural Affairs in the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance said: “At that time, quality programs were produced by our colleagues in the channel which are available for book specialists and the public.”

Following the ceremony Ahmadvand raised the issue that if a society is interested in books, the path to material and spiritual progress is easier for it, he said: “The Supreme Leader attaches special importance to the promotion of book-reading because he believes that books are the path to the country’s growth.”

He pointed out: “About 110,000 book titles are produced in the country every year, and stressed that the book network has programs for these books. All people who are active in the field of books from ideas to reading can be the audiences of this network. I hope that more efforts are made in cultural centers to notice and support this network, so that it can operate.”

Source: IBNA