Iranian Firm Produces Nano-Based Anti-Dust Coating for Solar Panels

TEHRAN (ANA)- Experts at ‘Behsan Exir Fam’ nanotechnology company in Iran managed to make anti-dust coating for solar panels.

"We have three products approved by Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council (INIC), including waterproof paint, anti-dust coating for solar panels and antibacterial photocalyst coating for ceramic tiles,” said Nasim Farahani, a master graduate of Technology Management from the University of Science and Technology and a member of the board of directors of the company.

“We have also recently produced waterproof paint for wood which is protective against the destructive effects of sunlight and prevents the growth of algae and fungi. Preservation of patterns and breathability of wood is another feature of these nanocomposite paints,” she noted.

Farahani said that these nano-based paints were imported to the country in the past with Finland as the main exporter of these colors to Iran.

“Behsan Exir Fam products have ISO 80004 and 21145 INS standard certification and nanoscale certification from the INIC; they also have ISO 9001 product quality certificate and ISO14001 technical approvals from reputable authorities in Iran,” she underlined.

Earlier this year, a nanotechnology firm in Iran had also manufactured a special shielding paint which can be used to reduce the impacts of high-frequency radiations and low frequency electric fields.

‘FERMA High-tech Engineering Co. Ltd’ company produced the water-based paint modified by nanoparticles which enjoys a strong electromagnetic shielding property. It possesses a low density (1.22 g cm3) and can be completely dried within a day.

The application of nanoparticles in the new paint has led to a remarkable reduction in intensity of electromagnetic fields within the range of 8-12 GHz.

The special product can be used for painting the walls of residential buildings and places with sensitive electrical, electronic, and telecommunication fields.


Source: ANA