Iranian Scientists Make Fastest Mid-Band Infrared Detector

TEHRAN (ANA)- Iranian researchers at a nanotechnology company managed to make the fastest mid-band infrared detector.

Ali Rostami, the managing director of Arman Jostojougaran Energy Nou Company, said that nanomaterials, photonic engineering and electronic engineering are the main fields of activities of his company.

“Our company has succeeded in building the fastest mid-band infrared detector and producing zinc oxide and silica nanopowder in 2014,” he added.

"Due to the production of high-quality nanomaterials and lower prices compared to the global market, our company's products enjoy exports potential, specially in fields of disinfectants and anti-coronavirus products,” Rostami said.

Also, in April, a technological company in Iran had manufactured three models of a spectrometer device with the ability to analyze the spectrum and intensity of lasers and lamps in the market which is capable of calibrating infrared sources.

The company produced a Fourier transform spectrometer with various applications, including calibration of the spectral power of infrared sources.

Fourier transform spectrometers are among the important and practical tools for measuring radiation, absorption and reflection spectra in the nanometer range, and the development and construction of this type of spectrometers is a strategy to deepen the knowledge of material analysis, specially in the field of nanotechnology.

Fourier-transform spectrometers are among the most advanced types of spectrometers that enjoy the capability to measure spectral power in terms of wavelength.


Source: ANA