Nano Zirconium Conversion Coating Produced by Iranian Specialists

TEHRAN (ANA)- Researchers at an Iranian firm succeeded in production of nano zirconium conversion coating used in aluminum producing plants and other industries.

“Our company produces nano zirconium coating and aluminum anodizing materials,” said Siamak Ataherian, the managing director of the company.

“Shiler Farayand Pars Company is the only producer of nanozirconium conversion coating and has received a certificate of appreciation from the Department of Environment for Green Production,” he added, noting that plants which produce colored sheets, aluminum products and galvanized sheets are among the main customers of his firm.

“Among the main advantages of our company's products, it can be mentioned that they are economical and don't need a lot of energy, they don't have sludge and disturbing deposits, they consume water optimally, and they enjoy a high speed of coating formation reaction, excellent mechanical properties and very simple operation and monitoring,” Ataherian said.

Application of zirconium coating with a very thin thickness (in nanometer dimensions) on steel, aluminum and galvanized surfaces improves parameters like the adhesion of the organic coating and increases the resistance to paint corrosion and cathodic separation of the paint.

Iran has made nanotechnology a priority in recent years, achieving lots of success. In January 2022, the nanotechnology research website StatNano ranked Iran as fourth in the world in nanotechnology publications.

“The number of scientific articles is deemed a significant parameter for measuring and comparing scientific development,” read the StatNano report.


Source: ANA